Stephan Siegrist


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  • medi ist Partner der Bayreuther Festspiele

Sport and health

There are many non-profit organisations that give people a better quality of life. They all deserve great respect and admiration, as they make an important contribution to our society. We are happy to support some of these organisations, but we cannot support them all as there is so much demand. We hope you can appreciate this. However, we promise to look at all the requests carefully.

medi, or rather the brand CEP and Sport, form a single unit. 60 years experience in the research and development of compression products provide a technology to meet the highest demands in sport. So it is only logical for us to work with a great many top athletes. This includes teams such as medi bayreuth in the national basketball league or associations such as the German Ski Association (DSV). Well-known athletes such as the professional alpinist Stephan Siegrist are fitted out with functional medi and CEP products.

Your contact person on the subject of Sponsoring and Cooperation:

Marija Sofranac