This is medi

Making people feel good.

“I feel better”. People the world over should be able to say this about themselves - at the start of each and every new day. High expectations and demands together with a high level of motivation and drive. In order to meet this challenge, medi is developing products and technologies that give people a better quality of life.

Medical aids from the fields of phlebology, lymphology, orthopaedics, footcare and woundcare promote health and recovery through treatment in a manner that is unique, comfortable and easily manageable. People appreciate these features and no longer perceive the aids as such.

More than 60 years of experience in compression technology is also incorporated in the products from medi’s sport and fashion range. High-tech clothing for virtually every kind of sport protects active people from injuries and improves their performance. Fashion stockings that are both elegant and functional are a treat to look at and a treat for your legs.

With a presence in over 90 countries, medi ensures that, above all, the products reach the customer particularly quickly. How does that work? With a worldwide network of branch offices and distributors.